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Getting started with Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk is a powerful collaboration and communication tool for your organization’s experts to provide real-time assistance to technicians facing complex or unfamiliar challenges.

Vuforia Chalk makes it easy to help anyone, from anywhere, when you can’t be together. Share a live view of a problem, talk about it, and use Chalk to provide clear instructions.

Chalk lets you point things out in someone else’s environment by simply using your finger to draw Chalk marks on the screen.

Chalk marks stick to the object or surface you draw them on. It’s like you’re drawing on the world with digital chalk.

Download Chalk today and try it.

We’ve designed Vuforia Chalk for employees to help each other with unfamiliar or complex tasks. Try using Chalk to connect with colleagues about maintenance or operational issues with machines, hardware or equipment. Make on-site visits more effective or eliminate the need for service and maintenance calls completely.

If you are a registered User of a business account. From the main page of the Chalk app, you’ll see an option to add a contact in the upper right, where you’ll find a list of people at your company who have been invited by your business administrator to use Chalk. Add someone you’d like to connect with from this list to your Chalk Contacts. Then you can call this contact from the main screen. To invite additional people at your company to use Vuforia Chalk, please contact your business administrator.

If you are a registered Host of a business account. From the main page of the Chalk app you can select Start Session to generate a 9-digit Connect Code that your colleague can use to start a session. If another user has started a session, they can provide you with the 9-digit code to join a session.

If you are using Chalk on a self-evaluation basis. In the Chalk app, you can find people in your device address book and add them as a Chalk contact. You can also add someone to your Chalk contacts by mobile phone number or email address. If they are Chalk users, you can call them after you add them to Chalk Contacts. If not, you can send them an invitation via Chalk, and when they sign up, you’ll see a badge appear next to their name in Chalk Contacts.

Get The Best Experience From Chalk:

  • Good Lighting
  • Stationary Objects
  • Steady Movement

Make sure you have a strong internet, WiFi or cellular connection:
Chalk can operate over WiFi, LTE/4G and 3G networks.

  • In general – if your network can access public websites (and public resources), then Chalk should be able to operate on your network.
  • This is a network test that can run in your browser under your network to determine if your network is capable of accessing public resources Chalk needs access to and if the UDP ports are open. Click here to check ›

Chalk requires HTTPS and UDP to transport data using the following ports:

  • HTTPS: 443
  • UDP: 10,000 – 60,000

If you're the person getting help (the one operating the camera), here are some tips for getting the best results from Vuforia Chalk:

  • Chalk marks stick best to objects that have visual details like buttons, images/designs, and shapes with corners.
  • Chalk marks don’t stick well to plain or reflective surfaces.
  • Make sure the object is stationary - objects in motion don’t track well.
  • Steady movements (forward/back, side-to-side) help Chalk understand your environment. Move slowly like shooting a video.
  • Chalk works best in well-lit places — if you need extra light you can turn on the flashlight in the app.

If you’re the person giving help:

  • Talk to the person you’re helping to coach them on what you need to see.
  • Use simple drawings to communicate instructions
  • Delete drawings that are no longer needed to remove clutter, using the “undo” button on the screen.
  • To get a steady image to draw on, hit the pause button first, then draw your Chalk marks.

Both people in the call can create Chalk marks by drawing on the screen. Simply drag your finger on the screen and watch the Chalk Marks appear on your shared view! Don’t worry if you’re not an artist – very simple drawings work best, like circles, lines and arrows. And yes, you can also use a stylus pen on your mobile device to create Chalk marks.

Vuforia Chalk is expanding worldwide, with more iOS and Android devices added regularly.  For the latest information on devices, countries and languages, please visit the Chalk Download Center.

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, which you can read more about in our Privacy Policy.

If you are a Registered User of a business customer. To discontinue your account and have your personal information removed, contact your Company Administrator. You can contact your Company Administrator through the Settings > Help > Contact Company Admin screen.

If you are using Chalk on a self-evaluation basis. To discontinue your account and have your personal information removed please contact us.

If you are a Registered User of a business customer. To report abuse, please contact your Company Administrator. You can contact your Company Administrator through the Settings > Help > Contact Company Admin screen.

If you are using Chalk on a self-evaluation basis. To report abuse, please contact us


Chalk asks for your permission to access your device’s microphone, camera, contacts, or notifications.

Microphone and camera access is core to the functionality of the app – seeing the problem you’re working on with someone over a video connection, and hearing each other, too. We don’t store this information anywhere. Your conversations are private.

Contacts access is to help you find people in your device address book to Chalk with. We don’t store your Contacts information on our servers, or use it for anything other than allowing you to invite or call people you already know.

Notifications are used to alert you of missed Chalk calls, and rarely, to notify you of upgrades or service changes.

If you did not give Chalk access when initially asked, you can manually give access in your mobile device’s Settings. Open your device Settings, scroll down to Chalk on the apps menu, and then toggle Contacts, Microphone, Camera and/or Notifications to “on”.

Make sure you are allowing Chalk to access your Camera in your device settings.

Or, if you are the person helping in a Chalk call, you will only be able to see video when the other person starts sharing their screen.

First, verify you are on the latest version of your mobile device operating system (iOS or Android).

Your drawings may not stick in the first few seconds of a call while Chalk learns about your environment.

To help the technology “understand” your environment, please read “What can I do to make Vuforia Chalk work best?” above.