See it.
Solve it.Together.

Vuforia Chalk is a brand-new way to communicate – as if you’re drawing on the world with digital chalk.

How it Works

Connect with a friend to solve a problem.

Trying to help someone when you can’t see what they’re looking at is frustrating. With Chalk, it’s simple.

So you can see what they see.

Chalk lets you both share a live view of the problem, so you can solve it together.

And show them what to do as if you are there.

With Chalk, you can draw on the screen to give instructions. Your Chalk Marks stick where you put them with augmented reality technology from Vuforia and ARKit.

Share a live view

It’s similar to live video chat, but you’re both looking at the same thing together.

Chalk Marks stick where you put them.

Even as your view changes, Chalk Marks stay anchored to the object in the real world.

Chalk Buzz

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    Chalk is the first AR app to really capture our attention
    – Henry T. Casey

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